Refugee Lodging Scheme

Spare room?

We are currently looking for people who live in Bristol who have a spare room they would like to rent out to a refugee lodger. You could earn up to £7,500 per year (bills excluded), tax free (under the government rent a room scheme).

Refugees can face many barriers when it comes to trying to find accommodation, making it often almost impossible for refugees to rent privately in Bristol apart from in ‘slum’ housing conditions with unscrupulous landlords. By connecting people in Bristol who want to rent out a room in their house and a refugee lodger, Refugee Welcome Homes aims to work with the people of Bristol to change refugee homelessness and make this a real city of sanctuary for refugees.

Although Refugee Welcome Homes works alongside Bristol City Council and Homes for Ukraine, this is a completely different programme run entirely by Refugee Welcome Homes. If you would like more information about how this scheme is different, please get in touch; or, if you would like an info pack, or if you have questions or want to hear about what we are doing and why, please contact us.

Our contact email address is