Meet the Team

Our Team

Neşe Davidson-Birch

Director of Lodging Scheme 

Neşe grew up in North Eastern Turkey, and moved to the UK when she was 17. Neşe understands the complexities of moving to another country when you don't understand the obvious and unspoken rules of culture. She has worked with refugees and asylum seekers since 2011 in Nottingham, London and Bristol. She joined Refugee Welcome Homes in 2018 and founded the Lodging Scheme in 2021. She is involved in ECC, a church Bristol, which she attends with her husband and two daughters. 

Michelle Adam

Director of Operations

Michelle manages our operations and has worked in the Christian charity sector since 2007, with particular interest and travel to the middle east/north Africa. An immigrant herself, she believes that supporting those who are starting their lives in a new country is invaluable and helps give refugees the best possible chance to succeed. Michelle joined Refugee Welcome Homes in 2021. Michelle and her husband attend Christchurch in Newport. 

Rachael Bee

Director of Partnerships and Communications

Rachael co-founded Refugee Welcome Homes in 2014 and has worked and volunteered in the refugee sector in Bristol since 2008. She's hosted over 40 destitute asylum seekers and refugee lodgers. She's also involved in ECFC,  a church in Easton working with refugees and asylum seekers. 

Mariya Bykova

Homes for Ukraine Scheme Lead

Mariya has recently graduated with a law degree and is passionate about helping families and refugees. She has volunteered in various places, helping people in difficult circumstances. Mariya was born in Ukraine and moved to the UK at a young age and has first-hand experience in matters of immigration and starting a new life abroad, appreciating its challenges. She has been affected by the situation in Ukraine. She is active in her community, helping people to feel safe and welcoming them in the UK. She also helps with a charity called ‘Hope for Ukraine’ which was founded in her church. 

Welcome Moyo

Refugee Support Worker

Welcome joined the team in January as the lodging scheme support worker, he has worked and volunteered in the refugee sector since 2016. Welcome has lived experience of immigrating to the UK and settling in. With the lived experience he has, Welcome is very passionate about supporting refugees in order for them to settle well in the UK and live their lives independently.