Refugee Welcome Homes

Justice. Welcome. Partnership. Respect. Integrity.

Refugee Welcome Homes is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Bristol that matches socially conscious people who have a spare room with someone who has received “refugee status” (the right to remain and live in the UK) and is struggling to find somewhere to live. Our mission is to reduce homelessness for refugees and to help them access accommodation as a first step towards integration in their new life in the UK.

We believe that all people should have a place to call home. Our core values are justice, welcome, partnership, respect and integrity and these provide the foundation for the ethos upon which we operate as a Christian CIC. We work with people of all faiths and none.

Our Values


We want to see a world that is fair, equitable and accessible for everyone and we want to be part of making this happen. Getting involved in Refugee Welcome Homes means getting involved in making real justice for refugees in our city by welcoming refugees into your home and community.

We will promote a culture of justice in all our relationships both internally and externally. We will lead by example and we will actively promote justice.


We believe that a warm welcome can make a huge difference in a refugee's life when they are far from home. Making room in our homes for refugees and giving them space to grow in confidence and get back on their feet enables them to thrive in a new country and culture. We are also committed to learning from other cultures and curating intercultural spaces of welcome together.

In addition, welcome is all about relationships; how we treat one another. We will be generous with one another, treating each other and those we connect with in a friendly, kind, welcoming and caring way.


We are committed to working in partnership both with our refugee lodgers, our landlords and other agencies. We believe in collaborative work with the wider Bristol refugee sector, knowing that we are stronger when we work together. We commit to be accountable to those we work with.

We thrive when we recognise one another’s strengths. To us, partnership and collaboration mean 'listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal’.

Respect & Integrity

We want to always do the right thing, in an honest, respectful and responsible way, practicing honesty in a consistent and uncompromising manner, respecting every individual’s human rights and privacy and eliminating all kinds and forms of discrimination.

We also want to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all at Refugee Welcome Homes as an important part of giving respect.